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Harry Hayman Philadelphia

Prominent Figure In Business Ventures And Charitable Causes


In the bustling city of Philadelphia, finding a true leader in business and community can be a challenge. Harry Hayman stands out as this kind of leader, with his hands-on approach to both successful ventures and helping others.

This page will dive into how Harry’s dynamic career and generous spirit are making real changes right here at home. Discover what makes him tick!

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Key Takeaways


The Bynum Group and Gemini Consulting

  • Harry Hayman is a prominent figure in Philadelphia known for his business ventures, such as The Bynum Group and Gemini Consulting, contributing to the city’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Green Soul and East Coast Saloons

  • He has made significant contributions to the hospitality scene with establishments like Green Soul and East Coast Saloons, focusing on bringing unique food experiences to the community while actively supporting local farmers and suppliers.

The Multifaceted Career of Harry Hayman

Harry Hayman has made significant contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape in Philadelphia through ventures such as The Bynum Group and Gemini Consulting, while also leaving his mark on the city’s hospitality scene with establishments like Green Soul and East Coast Saloons.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: The Bynum Group & Gemini Consulting

Harry Hayman is a big name in Philadelphia for starting businesses and helping others. He has made his mark with the Bynum Hospitality Group and Gemini Hospitality Consultants.


  • The Bynum Group is a family of spots where people come to eat, relax and enjoy music. The group includes places like South Jazz Kitchen and Paris Bistro.
  • With these eateries, Harry has brought new tastes and fun times to Philadelphia’s food scene.
  • His work with the hospitality group helped create jobs for many people.
  • Gemini Consulting offers advice to other businesses so they can get better at what they do. This helps them grow and make more money.
  • They teach places like Renegade Tacos how to be great at serving food and making customers happy.
  • Working with cityOfPhilly and University of Pennsylvania, he uses his knowledge to improve how restaurants run in the city.
  • His companies also find ways to waste less food and help feed people who don’t have enough to eat.


Contributions to Philadelphia’s Hospitality Scene: Green Soul and Beyond

Moving from his entrepreneurial spirit with The Bynum Group and Gemini Consulting, this business leader made big waves in Philadelphia’s hospitality industry. He brought unique food experiences to the city’s residents and visitors alike.


  • Opened Green Soul, which quickly became a hit in the hospitality scene.
  • Supports local farmers and suppliers by using their fresh ingredients.
  • Created spaces where people can enjoy good food and live music.
  • Focuses on giving back to folks struggling with hunger.
  • Puts programs in place that reward businesses for helping reduce waste.


Harry Hayman’s Commitment to Community and Charitable Work

Harry Hayman cares deeply about his community. He takes part in events and groups that help people. Harry works with Feed Philly Coalition to get food to those who need it most. His efforts bring music and joy to many through The Philadelphia Jazz Experience.

Harry also helps kids play sports, like building a baseball field for Challenger League. He hosts big events for the Special Olympics too, showing his love for supporting others. These actions show he wants to make life better in Philadelphia.

Next, let’s look at how Harry Hayman shares his knowledge as a speaker and leader.

Harry Hayman as a Thought Leader and Speaker

Harry Hayman steps up to share his knowledge at various schools including Temple University and the Community College of Philadelphia. He talks about important topics like community involvement and entrepreneurship.

His words inspire students and others to build better businesses and help people in their areas.

He also takes part in different speaking events where he discusses how to start ventures that give back to society. People listen to him because he knows a lot about making companies grow while helping those who are food insecure.

His experience makes many want to learn from him, so they can do good in their neighborhoods too.

Conclusion: The Ongoing Impact of Harry Hayman’s Work in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, Harry Hayman‘s business ventures and charitable work have left a lasting impact. He has contributed to the city’s hospitality scene with ventures like the Bynum Group and Gemini Consulting, while also actively participating in community initiatives such as Feed Philly Coalition and The Philadelphia Jazz Experience.

Through his speaking engagements and philanthropic endeavors, he continues to inspire others and make a meaningful difference in Philadelphia’s business and social landscape.



1. Who is Harry Hayman from Philadelphia?

Harry Hayman from Philadelphia is known for his work in business and helping with charity events.

2. What does Harry Hayman do?

He talks at events to share what he knows, helps businesses grow, and works on projects that give back to the community.

3. Did Harry Hayman go to The American University?

Yes, he went there to learn before starting his career.

4. Does Harry Hayman help other people want to do good things too?

Yes, he makes it more interesting for others to join in charitable causes and sometimes gives rewards or perks for their help.