Community Involvement

Harry Hayman’s time in Philadelphia has, in a notable way, been defined by his contributions to charity within the city and involvement with the local community. Harry Hayman has been proud to be involved with several Philadelphia non-profits, some of which he even helped to start. From feeding the homeless in the city to helping to combat childhood cancer with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, his selflessness is one of his defining qualities.

Whether he is on the advisory board or volunteering, Harry Hayman’s dedication to service knows no bounds. He has appeared at events such as the annual Lemon Ball and has set up various volunteering events to give back to the community through both his professional and charitable organizations. Read on to learn more about what Harry Hayman has done through his involvement with the Philadelphia community.

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Harry Hayman’s Non-Profit Work

Many of Harry Hayman’s contributions are to causes and charities that he has a personal connection to and feels strongly about. For instance, after seeing the effects of cancer on both friends and family members at early ages, he joined the advisory board for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. As a board member, he has had a hand in planning the annual Lemon Ball since its inaugural year and has helped to bring in thousands of dollars in charitable donations toward research to cure childhood cancer. It is among his favorite charities because of its mission and the personal connection he has with the cause.
Harry Hayman has also had a role in starting two Philadelphia non-profits, both of which have very much taken off since their inception: the Feed Philly Coalition, and the Philadelphia Jazz Experience.

The Feed Philly Coalition

The non-profit work that Harry Hayman has done with the Feed Philly Coalition stems from his time in the restaurant industry. He would see restaurants throw away perfectly good food at the end of the day. Knowing that there are thousands of people in Philadelphia who don’t know where their next meal is coming from and would love to have even a bite of that food, Harry Hayman decided to start this initiative to provide food for the hungry by any means possible. This movement has gone so far that Harry Hayman is introducing legislation to the city that would reward restaurants for donating leftover food to those in need.

The Philadelphia Jazz Experience

As a devoted jazz fan, Harry Hayman started the Philadelphia Jazz Experience as a way of keeping the genre alive in the city, especially among Philly’s youth. As a founder and board member, he has made strides to educate the youth about jazz music and the culture around it. He has even helped assist young members of the Philadelphia Jazz Experience by providing food and resources as well.

Charitable Donations

Harry Hayman’s outreach to his community extends well beyond the city of Philadelphia, as he has also made an effort to give back to the places that helped him become the man he is today. He has made donations to Radnor High School in honor of his brother, Brad, who passed away at an early age due to heart complications. The school now proudly displays a statue memorializing him, and the Radnor High baseball team awards the Gray Bradley Hayman award to the player who has overcome adversity throughout the season.

An Active Community Members

Harry Hayman does whatever he can to get involved with his community, especially when it comes to his greatest loves. Harry Hayman is an active member of his community book club and is always looking to find a new piece of literature to read. Some recent books that he has enjoyed include Memoirs of a Geisha, Finding Chika, and The Fountainhead. The more he explores new books, the more he learns about new ideas and ways to put his efforts to good use.

As a screenwriter, Harry Hayman has taken screenwriting classes in Philadelphia. He has written several screenplays and enjoys helping young aspiring writers to perfect their craft. Harry Hayman also contributes to the Philadelphia arts scene by attending theater and live music performances, while also helping to book jazz acts across the city.

Learn more about Harry Hayman

Even with all of the community involvement and contributions to charity that Harry Hayman has given to the City of Brotherly Love, he is only just getting started. He has plenty more that he is looking to do to give back to Philadelphia. You can learn more about Harry Hayman and what he might have in store by staying updated on his website, or if you are interested in working with Harry Hayman or seeing if he can assist your non-profit, contact him today.