When trying to understand someone, learning about the person’s family history, how they were raised, and what values have been instilled in them will go a long way. And that certainly rings true for who I, Harry Hayman, am today — not just as an entrepreneur, but as a person of virtue. To examine this a bit further, I have to tell you a bit about my grandfather, Harry Hayman II.

My grandfather had one of the most interesting jobs you could at the time; he was a member of the OSS — a precursor to the CIA — during World War II. It was an exciting career, but also a dangerous one. While it didn’t come to fruition, he was initially assigned to be dropped behind enemy lines in Japan. With the nature of the task, the life expectancy was roughly five days.
Luckily, he had befriended someone within the OSS who potentially saved his life by ordering him to stay in India for six months. While there, he served as a meteorologist as well as a code encryptor. In these positions, he was involved with intercepting radar and radio transmissions, as well as determining the best weather conditions for troop movements.

However, when it comes to my grandfather’s virtue and personable manner, we have to look at what he did outside of the OSS while living in India. He was living with a small Indian family — a family with whom the Haymans have remained close to this day. Through my grandfather’s stories and the accounts of the family, we were able to learn about his involvement in the Indian textile movement that was going on during the time. This was when India was gaining its independence from Great Britain, so tensions were high. Due to this, my grandfather was actually invited to a sitdown with none other than Mahatma Gandhi.

In this sitdown, they would talk about Indian rights, as well as human rights, and it helped shape him into the man he would become. The virtues that he had taken away from this experience were passed down through my family, and have helped us all to become selfless, charitable members of society.
With this, I leave you with one of Gandhi’s most famous quotes; “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” What this means to me is that if there is something I believe in, it’s up to me to fight for it. As you know, I am more than just Harry Hayman, the restaurant industry expert. I work to feed the homeless, help promote jazz education within Philadelphia and fight against childhood cancer. These values that I hold in high regard are, in large part, thanks to my grandfather, and in a way, thanks to Mahatma Gandhi.
To learn more about my virtues and stance on life, feel free to contact me.