When I was younger, I had dreamed about a company I was going to form. I would call it Save The World (STW), and it would have been a for-profit company with a primary mission of doing good for others. I wasn’t sure how I would go about approaching this venture, and I am still trying to figure out the best way to do so. Regardless, I am always on a mission to try to save the world, and that is through making people happy.
My theory is that the world can be broken down into a formula. If carefully cultivated and followed, it can lead to finding your meaning and purpose in life. This ideology is something that I like to call, “The Algebraic Formula of Life.” It’s an idea that I, Harry Hayman, want to share with Philadelphia and the rest of my readers to help you attain this level of happiness.
According to my theory, everybody has a different formula for their lives, as everyone has their own set of interests and values. The trick is to find out what is essential to your life and list them out. To simplify, try to narrow it down to the top ten elements that you can focus on throughout each week.
Naturally, some aspects of your life will hold more weight than others. Here is where the algebraic part comes into play. Out of the ten elements you have come up with, try as best as you can to rank them from most to least important to you. These are the “coefficients” to the “variables” in this formula. When you pair each coefficient (1 through 10) with the “variables” that are the crucial elements of your life, your end result will be happiness.
Take one of my friend’s formulas as an example. Her top 10 things in her life are as follows:
  • Faith
  • Sleep
  • Travel
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Her boyfriend
  • Work
  • Associates such as her friends and family
  • Her “me time”
  • Money (defined in her equation as “coin”)
As such, her formula is as follows: 10 (Family) + 7 (Exercise) + 6 (Reading) + 8 (Travel) + 4 (Work) + 5 (Boyfriend) + 9 (Sleep) + 3 (Associates) + 2 (Me Time) +1 (Coin) = H
The trick is to find those 10 things that are the most important to you (yes, only 10 — there are only 168 Hours in a week and you have to sleep at least 49 of those, so you only left with 119), eliminate the rest (hard, I know) and the prioritize the remaining 10 (again, hard – but important – it will change your life).
So in her case, w/ those 119 Hours, 12 should be spent on family, 10.8 additional hours should be spent on sleep (she liked to get 8.5 hours of sleep a week so she is adding 1.5 hours per day to her sleep cycle), 9.6 hours a week should be spent on travel (now in case, she was not from the US so she like to go back home one a year and she liked to go for a month each year – nice if you can do it – some years she could and some years she could not), 8.4 was working out…she liked to work out for an hour every day and 2 on Saturdays (adding yoga), 7.2 hours per week was or should be dedicated to reading, as such she liked to read an hour every day, didn’t like days she didn’t get to read/felt “out of sorts” etc…you get the idea…and then from this, we worked out her ideal day
This algebraic formula has been especially beneficial for me, as it has helped me divide the many hats I wear, such as Harry Hayman, the entrepreneur; Harry Hayman, the philanthropist; and Harry Hayman, the hospitality management specialist. While I may not have my Save The World company quite yet, I am hoping to save one person at a time with the help of this formula.
If you would like to know more about how I apply my formula for happiness, or for any other inquiries, feel free to contact me.