Looking at the Restaurant Industry Under COVID-19

As a veteran in the restaurant industry, I, Harry Hayman, have not seen anything impact foodservice quite like the COVID-19 pandemic has. We had gone over three months without any indoor dining options, and there are still concerns about whether or not they will stay open, even with limited capacity. Businesses that I have been heavily involved with have had to shift their business model to accommodate the pandemic, which hasn’t made it easy for those who rely on jobs in food service to earn a living. 

One of the most prevalent narratives has been the rise of take-out and delivery. While plenty of hungry customers have turned to these options, it’s still not always enough to keep restaurants afloat. While the number of take-out and delivery orders has increased, so has the number of grocery store purchases. The restaurant industry is still losing potential customers who prefer to cook their own meals instead of taking their chances with take-out. 

Even for restaurants offering take-out, it is not always profitable unless they are doing it through their own website. The downside, however, is that most consumers find third-party apps, such as UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates, to be more convenient. And while it may be more convenient for the consumer, it actually hurts the restaurant in a sense, as the third-party app takes a sizable portion of the price of a given order. With these types of delivery apps quickly becoming the norm, the restaurant industry is beginning to suffer. 

Nevertheless, I have been hard at work looking for new ways to bolster the industry. I have partnered with WorkMerk and VirusSafePro.com to help restaurants showcase their health standards and make consumers feel at ease when visiting their establishments. I also continue to aid new establishments within the industry, whether it’s by providing consulting services or operating to-go cocktail bars for essential workers. 

Of course, there will be plenty more Philly startups that I, Harry Hayman, have in the works, so stay tuned. To learn more about these projects, or my involvement in the restaurant industry during COVID-19, feel free to contact me or follow me on Instagram.