Giving Back by Supporting Ethical Brands

While many people may associate the name Harry Hayman with Philly startups and various endeavors in the food and hospitality industries, there’s so much more to what I try to do for my community. Those who know me well and are part of my inner circle know that charitable giving is a significant part of who I am and the legacy I wish to leave. Some of these endeavors have been through foundations I have started, such as the Feed Philly Coalition. Outside of this, however, I try to practice ethical consumerism whenever I can.

Recently, I donated to a foundation called The Artisan Fund, which was started by the jewelry brand SOKO. The company is a female-led and ethically-conscious B-corp, seeking solutions to the social and environmental issues plaguing our world. SOKO created The Artisan Fund to give back to those battling through the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya, where their jewelry artisans reside. They are putting together care packages for approximately 250 artisans and their families, containing food, herbs, toiletries, and other essentials that may be in short supply.

Aside from creating beautiful pieces of artisan jewelry, SOKO’s entire purpose is to fight against poverty and inequality in Kenya. As someone who has strived to find ways to get closer to attaining world peace for my entire life, I could not be more proud to support this organization and this brand. I encourage anybody looking for a fulfilling way to give back to not only support the company by purchasing their beautiful jewelry, but also by supporting The Artisan Fund in any way that you can.

The Artisan Fund is just one of the various outlets that I have been using to give back to those in need during this pandemic. My reputation as Harry Hayman, the restaurant industry expert, is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to my association with Philadelphia and the world around me. For more information about what I am doing to help others, I encourage you to contact me or follow me on Instagram.