While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a reality within the city of Philadelphia — even if it is now at a reduced scale — there are still countless who have been affected by it. As a hospitality management specialist, I, Harry Hayman, have been looking to help, however I can. I’ve recently been providing food and beverages to Philadelphians, especially those who have been on the front lines working essential jobs.


One of my ventures in the restaurant industry, Pangea Cocktails, has been instrumental in helping with this cause. This is a carry-out drink venue providing specialties from all parts of the world, including locations such as Brazil and Peru. For those who may not be aware, I grew up traveling the globe, and have picked up a thing or two in my experiences with other cultures. Combining this with my master mixology background from many years in the industry led to the inception of this venue.


Our ingredients — which are imported in “complete secrecy” — include a variety of fruits and sugars that make for a taste that you won’t find in a standard bar. We want to offer the people of Philadelphia a chance to try some of the most revered cocktails from around the world, while also providing a refreshing escape for those who are living through an uncertain time in our country.


When it comes to our essential workers, they may be looking to head right home after work, or may not have time to stop by the store and pick up their beverages. It’s also possible that they need something to sip on after a stressful day trying to manage their day-to-day responsibilities in the wake of a national pandemic. Regardless, Pangea Cocktails serves as an outlet that openly provides frontline workers with beverages after their workday is done. Looking for a way to unwind this Saturday night? Order your cocktail with us!


Pangea Cocktails is not the only way that I am helping to provide during COVID-19. Through outlets such as Renegade Taco Co., WorkMerk, the Feed Philly Coalition, and others, I have dedicated myself to improving the lives of Philadelphians the best way I know how — through food and feeding others. To learn about other endeavors from myself, Harry Hayman, as well as the Bynum Group, Gemini Hospitality Consultants, and any of my other associated ventures, feel free to contact me or follow me on Instagram.