Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Feed Philly Coalition

If there’s anything I love more than food, it’s people. One thing that has always bothered me, especially when I’d see it every day when I was working in the restaurant industry, was seeing food go to waste. I’d think about the work, money, and energy it took to get that food produced and brought to the restaurant. Then, I’d think about the care that our staff had put into cooking and preparing it for someone to eat. But what would pain me the most would be the thought of all the people who, right at that moment, were going hungry somewhere in my city, who’d give anything to have a chance to eat that food.

I decided it was my duty as a human being to do something about this. I initially tried calling businesses to let them know they should be donating extra food instead of throwing it out. This thought didn’t come to me suddenly; I had been saying for the last few years that businesses should donate instead of wasting food when I was on the advisory board of the Food Connect Group. But the simple reality is that very few, if any, are doing the right thing. Even the ones who are doing their part aren’t doing it to the degree that they could or should. That’s when I decided to create an organization specifically dedicated to upcycling, with the help of food rescues, soup kitchens, restaurants, and food retailers.

One of the first big steps the organization made was taking our mission to City Hall. Clearly, restaurants needed some added incentive to put a stop to their wastefulness. I hired the Bellevue Strategists to help me introduce legislation to help us incentivize restaurants to do the right thing. Now we are in the process of doing just that! If this legislation gets passed, restaurants that donate leftover food to those in need would be rewarded with a tax credit.
Now that you know the backstory and mission of the Feed Philly Coalition, the next question I hope you’re asking is, “How can I get involved?”
The answer is that there are lots of ways! If you visit the organization’s website, you’ll find opportunities to donate and volunteer. Even a little bit of food can make a big difference in someone’s life. For more information, contact Feed Philly Coalition, or contact me, Harry Hayman, directly.