Harry Hayman is a prominent figure in Philadelphia, known for his many business ventures and charitable causes. Harry first made a name for himself in the restaurant and hospitality industries, with an impressive resume of ventures that includes the Bynum HOSPITALITY Group, Gemini Hospitality Consultants, EAST COAST SALOONS & RENEGADE TACOS. Harry Hayman currently participates in numerous forms of community involvement, including his frequent speaking engagements, the Feed Philly Coalition and The Philadelphia Jazz Experience, which he founded and created.

About Harry

Harry's Exoneration

Harry’s Background

If you don’t immediately know the name Harry Hayman, you might be familiar with names such as the Bynum Group, Gemini Hospitality Consultants, McFadden’s, and Philly’s SOUTH Jazz Kitchen. These are just a few of Harry’s many ventures, as the hospitality and management specialist has been involved with a variety of Philly startups over the years. When he is not working on his professional projects, Harry is dedicated to spending time with his family and helping his non-profit foundations through both volunteering and charitable donations.

The Bynum Group & Green Soul

The Bynum Hospitality Group is a local management company that maintains a variety of soul and jazz-themed restaurants and clubs across Philadelphia. Pioneered by brothers Robert and Ben Bynum, Harry Hayman has been involved in the operations from back in its earliest days. Now, he is a COO, a role he has had since 2014. One of their most successful ventures has been Philadelphia’s SOUTH Jazz Club. Harry has been heavily involved with helping SOUTH book jazz performers for bar and club events. Harry was also instrumental in moving GREEN SOUL LIVING to Center City. GREEN SOUL is not only a bridge to better eating, it is a bridge to better living through yoga, meditation, health and welfare as well as GREEN SOUL BOOKS & RECORDS.

Gemini Consulting

Harry Hayman’s latest venture is with Gemini Hospitality Consultants, a company he founded, where he currently serves as CEO. The company welcomes Philly startups, investors, and operators in the restaurant and foodservice industries and helps them get their operations running and achieving further growth. His team of hospitality management specialists goes through their financial analysis, website design, and more to ensure that these companies are on track for success. Based on Harry’s history in the restaurant industry, his insight is put to work with every client who relies on Gemini Consulting.
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In addition to his professional background, Harry’s family has also played an important role in his life.
Harry Hayman IV was born in Washington DC to his parents, Robin and Harry III. With his father being an international banker, young Harry soon became accustomed to traveling the world extensively, moving from Maryland to Virginia to New Jersey to Venezuela to Mexico to London to Germany to New York City and many places in between.
Harry grew up with two younger siblings: a sister, Kimberly, with whom he is still close to this day, and a brother, Brad. Kimberly was married in 1997 and eventually gave birth to Harry’s three nephews and nieces, Jackson, Ella, and Reed. Brad and Harry were also close, despite a gap in age, but Brad tragically passed away due to heart complications as a teenager, while Harry was in his mid-twenties. After his passing, the family started the Hayman Family Fund in Brad’s name and honor.
Harry is currently unmarried but is involved in a serious relationship with his current girlfriend. She has accompanied him to various outings supporting the arts, as well as at his numerous speaking engagements and other professional appearances. She is also actively involved in many of his charitable donations.
Harry Hayman remains very close with his family to this day. He still makes it a point to see his mother, his uncles, John and Jim, and the rest of his family on a regular basis. He especially enjoys visiting them and cooking for them. There are few things more important to Harry than his family, with his family values being an inspiration for all of this past, present, and future endeavors. His upbringing and background have played a substantial part in molding Harry into the man he is today.

Harry’s Early Career

From an early age, Harry Hayman knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. At age 17, he got his foot in the door of the bar business as a dish-washer in Washington, DC. Within the next couple of years, he would rise through the ranks and work just about every job you could think of in a bar. By 19, he was expediting. That same year, he also started Presto! Design, marketing special events at local bars and restaurants
While gaining real-world experience working in bars, he also pursued more traditional education. After attending Radnor High School, and then The American University (where he earned a B.A. in International Business and Finance), he wanted to prove to himself and others that he could get into the prestigious Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia.

He did

Speaking Engagements

As a successful entrepreneur, Harry Hayman has been the keynote speaker at a variety of public functions and engagements, sharing his previous experiences and advice for businesses, college students, and any member of the Greater Philadelphia Area looking to make an impact. Having such a diverse background, Harry is qualified to speak on a variety of different topics. He is always looking for opportunities to share his experience with those who can benefit from it.
At each engagement, Harry Hayman speaks about what motivates him. These topics range from experiences from his childhood and professional career, to issues that are important to him and his family, to ways in which people can make the world around them a better place. If you are at an event where Harry is speaking, be prepared for some great information, as well as a great time.
Harry Hayman has previously spoken at a series of Philadelphia’s higher educational centers, including Temple University, Drexel University, and the Community College of Philadelphia. At Drexel and Temple, Harry gave his insight to those looking to go into the management side of the food industry, speaking at the Food Upcycling Conference at Drexel and the Food and Beverage Management lecture at Temple. At the Be Professionally Diverse Conference CCP, he talked about the importance of diversity in the workplace and hiring the best candidate.
Other organizations that have had Harry Hayman as a keynote speaker at their events include the North Broad Street Renaissance Advisory Board and Alex’s Lemonade Stand, of which he is a board member. These speaking engagements have ranged from telling professionals how to go further in their business endeavors to encouraging others to make a difference through community involvement and taking action.
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What’s Next for Harry?

Harry’s plans for the future primarily include continuing to grow Gemini Hospitality Consultants, The Philadelphia Jazz Experience, and the Feed Philly Coalition, as well as anything else he can do to give back to the city. He is always waiting for the next opportunity to do something great for Philadelphia.
One thing you can be sure of is that when that next opportunity arrives, Harry Hayman will be dressed for the part.